Sparse machine matter

9-Codex is a directory for content that is primarily intended for consumption by computers, not humans.

Prose and poetry don't go here. 9-Codex isn't choked by large amounts of low-priority prose reading, which keeps your important technical information sparse and accessible.

Code snippets belong here, before they migrate to their own repos.

Paths belong here. Web URLs don't, unless they aren't human readable (strings of digits).

Information about files stored outside Textmind belongs here. The goal is to be a sparse index of files stored outside Textmind, for easy reference. If you have copious notes about a file, link to the file's 9-Codex entry (or merely allude to it) but store the prose in e.g. 7-Background. 9-Codex is focused on the machine-readable aspect of a file, such as its metadata fields, version history and path.