Executive hierarchical outline

'1sprinting.org is bad at hierarchical outlining, because it is a chronological record with unpredictable twists and turns.

'3dashboard.org corrects this deficiency. It disregards chronological order, focusing instead on categorical hierarchical outlining. Its outline supports task-switching for the day, meaning the next 24 hours.

Level-two headings are by GTD context. This helps batch and prioritize the day's work.

For example:

** @kbd

*** write thank-you letter to Aunt Matilda

Dear Aunt Matilda,

Thank you for the alpaca-fibre socks. I know those llama lookalikes aren't easy to shave. Safety orange is definitely my favorite color.

How was your

*** check email

It would be difficult to write the thank-you letter in '1sprinting.org, because any interruption would require the insertion of a new timestamp.

To make the next appointment prominent on your dashboard, do this:

* dashboard
** @kbd
** @home
** @work
** @Alice
** @outing
** @time | 10AM Dentist
*** Dentist appointment at Getwell Rd with Dr. Grinder for root canal 10AM

When the level-three headline is folded, the appointment is still visible as a level-two heading.

When finished with a '3dashboard.org heading, either delete it or move it to '1sprinting.org. Include an explanatory note if it disrupts chronological order.