Org database

1-Agenda is a directory within Org's primary search scope.

Tags such as "Todo" status and dates such as deadlines will be reflected in the Org agenda.

Org agenda search can be slow if it searches too much information. Org's agenda functions are powerful, but useless if lag prevents adoption.

To avoid lag, minimize prose stored in 1-Agenda. Instead, store only headings and Org metadata.

This will keep your Org agenda feeling snappy, even with lots of entries.

Think of it as a database stored in plain text. It can't understand human prose, so don't put any there.

1-Agenda is searched recursively, so feel free to organize its contents into a deep directory tree.

The suggested subdirectories of 1-Agenda are similar to those of 2-Linked. The only difference is that there is no need for 7-Background. Go to the next chapter to read about them.