This chapter covers files and directories that start with .git

the .git directory

Don't manually modify the .git directory (unless you know what you're doing). Use Git instead.


The Textmind template includes this file, with dummy values. Edit its contents to your name and email address.

You may not care whether your private Textmind repo has a bogus name and email on the commits. If there's no name and email configured, Git will ask for one.

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Tells Git which files to ignore. Git shouldn't track binaries, autosaves, ephemeral files, etc.

Use gitignore.io.


This is an empty file that tells Git to keep an empty directory.

Otherwise, if you clone the repo, the empty directory will not be included.

If a directory isn't empty, .gitkeep does nothing. However, before deleting it, consider whether the directory might become empty later.

There's nothing special about the filename .gitkeep. .foobar would also make the directory non-empty. It's a convention.