T2 — Moderately-organized publishing

T2 defined

A T3 post may have little or lots of effort invested in its composition, but always has only the bare minimum invested in its publishing.

T2 invests significantly more effort than T3 into publishing. However, T2 does not reach the completeness and perfection of T1.

T2 is about developing both content and publishing structure, equally. T3 is about developing content only. T1 is primarily if not exclusively about developing publishing structure.

Blog vs Documentation

Pubmind recognizes two major forms of T2 publishing: blog and documentation. The former is ordered primarily by date of publication, whereas the latter is organized by tree.

Most blogs are T2 publications. There's no need to explain how a standard blog works. Use Wordpress, write good posts, carefully polish them, add links and graphics, then schedule them to publish, and promote on social media. Put an email capture form in the sidebar, or perhaps a popup. You know the drill. If you don't, a million gurus will teach you.

Documentation, by comparison, has little agreement on publishing best practices. Options are myriad. Doing documentation the correct Pubmind way requires specific non-obvious tools and techniques.

How to do T2 documentation

This site is T2 documentation.

Hugo converts Org files directly into HTML. This lets me compose in Org, which allows headings and files to be refiled with Treefactor.

The Learn template supports an infinitely-deep tree. This allows inductive iterative development of content and tree structure.

Text flows from Textmind 1-Outbox to T2 Textmini to Hugo content. It's all part of Treemind.

Simple but powerful.