Here are some acronyms relevant to the personal info management domain.


PIM stands for Personal Info Manager (application software) or Personal Info Management.

PIMS stands for Personal Info Management System.

Cyborganize is partly PIM software. However, PIM typically does not encompass content management. Pubmind is not a PIM.

PIMs rarely do bulk data storage, which Cyborganize handles with Binmind.

PIM apps typically lack an opinionated workflow.

To distinguish Cyborganize from PIM apps, I call it a PIMS. Cyborganize is an opinionated workflow only loosely tied to its supporting software tools.

The acronym PIM collides with Product Information Management, a domain close enough to cause confusion.

However, PIMS lacks a clear primary meaning, and is thus suitable.


PKM stands for Personal Knowledge Management.

It is a subset of Personal Information Management focused on distilled reference info rather than e.g. executive decisionmaking.

According to Oxford Languages, the definition of knowledge is "facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject."

This definition emphasizes durable, objectively-true info. However, a personal info management system must also handle ephemeral, subjective and executive info.

Personal Knowledge Management System — a method such as zettelkasten or wiki but not GTD, which is executive.

Knowledge Base - A truth repository conveniently structured for use by machine or human reasoning. Object-oriented rather than database.

PKM collides with the Russian PK Machine gun. This is unlikely to generate confusion, since the subjects are not similar.


CMS stands for Content Management System.

Pubmind is a loose multi-tool CMS founded on Emacs, git, Ghost and Hugo. CMS usually means an all-in-one tool with far less power than Emacs. Emacs itself is a mediocre CMS, although that is not its focus.

The above meaning of CMS outranks its collisions.


The best acronym description for Cyborganize is PIMS+CMS.